Growing up I was, as most people were, told stories by my parents or
grandparents to settle me down or calm my nerves before sleep. I
remember when I was young my dad would tell me stories before bed.
These stories were usually about the events that happened during that
day, perhaps a bike ride, or hiking trip, and, of course, I was always the
protagonist. He would embellish these stories to make them more exciting
than they really were, so if I had a boring day he could make it seem
otherwise. I like to think this is where my interest for narratives was derived
from. Being an active child, I turned myself away from books, quickly losing
interest as I sat and read. Only a few times have I found myself fully
engulfed in a book. Because of this I started taking interest in narratives

found in visual or audible forms.

My work is about creating pictorial narratives about my curiosity and
wonder of life, often with an overlaying dark or macabre filter. My quiet
nature has allowed me to take notice and interest in the world around me.
When creating narratives I am influenced by the sea, the travels
through it, and the things that can be found in it’s undiscovered depths and
regions. The imagery I choose often conveys a sense of peril or decay. I
want the viewer to see beauty in what can often be related to death and
lose. The simplicity of my color palette, black and white, and the
complexity of the drawings draw the eye closer and allow the viewer to

become engaged in my work.